General Conditions

Terms Of Use

Please read the following carefully before using the website with the domain name owned by MyPhotoStation Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘Website’ for short). You are deemed to have fully understood and accepted as an integral whole the things contained below, which contain crucial data concerning visiting and/or using the Website, as of your first visit to the Website. You agree to the terms mentioned on these pages in advance of your own free choice by using the website and filling out the form that will contain your personal information.

General Conditions

MyPhotoStation Limited. It is provided through the Website the services of the Users to reach the products offered on the Website and/or to purchase the printed products produced by uploading their own designs to the Website. Changing the services offered by MyPhotoStation Limited., adding new ones to these services, changing the scope and conditions of delivery are solely at MyPhotoStation Limited.’s initiative. MyPhotoStation Limited. may use this authority unilaterally in any form and at any time without notice.

MyPhotoStation Limited. and the Website are obliged to print and send the files sent by the Users, after the payment is made in full, in accordance with the wastage rates in the printing options in the description of each product and within the delivery date. MyPhotoStation Limited. and the Website do not provide any design services, nor is it obliged to control or change the designs submitted by the Users. Within this scope, users are obliged to make the payment shown on the website in full and at one time in order for their orders to be loaded and printed. After approval of printing; changes, refunds, and cancellations are no longer possible. For this reason, MyPhotoStation Limited. and the Website can’t be held responsible in any way for design mistakes that may occur in works and products approved by users.

Users accept in advance that MyPhotoStation Limited. is not obliged to control any information entered in the relevant sections of the Website and does not undertake under any circumstances the accuracy of the information provided by the Users. Besides, Users are obliged to provide their own, true, and complete information to the Website in order for the services provided on the Website to be delivered as requested; otherwise, they accept that various problems may arise, including but not limited to, that the products they purchase from the Website do not reach their addresses. In this context, Users accept and undertake that the information they enter on the Website is complete, correct, and truthful, and that they will be liable for any and all losses incurred by MyPhotoStation Limited. due to giving such information incorrectly.

The shipping information for the products and the notification regarding the tracking of the delivery will be sent by the Website to the e-mail address provided by the Users while registering or purchasing. Users agree in advance that MyPhotoStation Limited. will not be able to send them any notice, including but not limited to shipping information and Distance Sales Agreement in case that Users do not add their e-mail addresses in the relevant section of the Website at all, fully, or correctly.

MyPhotoStation Limited. records and stores the operations performed by the Users on the Website within the legal period in order to comply with the obligations imposed in accordance with the  British Commercial Code and other applicable legislation. In accordance with the obligations set forth in the Privacy Policy and in accordance with the applicable legislation, the information transmitted to them by the Users through the Website, MyPhotoStation Limited. shall use, disclose, share with third parties, process, share, classify, and store information on a database.

Users can only take legal actions on the Website. The legal and penal responsibility for every operation and action performed by the users within the Website belongs to them personally and solely.

Those under the age of 18 can not shop on the Website. Products for minors may be offered for sale on the Website; however, these products are offered for sale by people of legal age.

Users accept and undertake that they will not reproduce, copy, distribute, or process any content, including electronic text, visual and audio images, files, catalogs, and lists on the Internet Site.

All kinds of content accessed and/or viewed on the Website shall not be used or viewed by third parties in any environment, primarily on the internet, without the prior written consent of MyPhotoStation Limited.; otherwise, it will constitute an illegal use.

Access to the database where the content accessed and/or viewed through the Website is stored by third parties only for the purpose of displaying the relevant content and/or as permitted in writing by MyPhotoStation Limited. is considered to be in accordance with the law. Accesses made other than specified above are against the law and MyPhotoStation Limited.’s lawsuit and follow-up rights are always reserved.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, transmit, process, display the contents and interface on other websites and/or channels without the written consent of MyPhotoStation Limited.

Links and/or redirection to other websites may be provided through the Website. The presence of these links does not indicate that the contents of other sites and pages other than the Website have been audited. MyPhotoStation Limited.  is not responsible for the content other than the Internet Site that can be accessed through these links, and MyPhotoStation Limited.  shall not be held responsible for any damage that may arise from the operations made on other websites. Users accept in advance that they are responsible when they access other websites using these links.

MyPhotoStation Limited.  shall not be held legally or criminally responsible for any application that can be made based on the content of the files uploaded to the Website.

Users shall purchase the products offered for sale on the Website by following the payment screens and prices offered to them. They accept, declare, and undertake in advance that they will buy the products at the price provided on the Website, that they will not demand a special discount on the price of the product, and that they will not act against the payment terms specified on the Website.

Users shall purchase products by selecting one of the payment options and payment methods available to them. MyPhotoStation Limited. announces promotions, advertisements, and installment payment opportunities for sales made by credit card and other methods on its website. Furthermore, MyPhotoStation Limited. has no responsibility in terms of payment facilities such as promotions, advertisements, and payment by installments made by banks.

After the delivery of the products, in case the payment made by the Users is not completed by the relevant bank or financial institution for any reason, canceled, or withdrawn from MyPhotoStation Limited.  accounts, the products will not be delivered to the Buyer. Even if the delivery has been made successfully, the relevant User is obliged to return the products to MyPhotoStation Limited. immediately and without using any of them.

It is essential for users to check the products delivered to them. Within this scope, Users are obliged to check the products delivered to them at the time of delivery and to return them to the shipping agency upon filling out a damage report in case the products have any defects or the product package is damaged.

MyPhotoStation Limited. reserves the right to demand compensation for their pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in case of contradiction to the Terms of Use and the annexes of other texts published on the Website. The Terms of Use and their annexes shall be deemed suspended during the period in which the publication of the Website is suspended for any reason. Users shall not claim any compensation other than the refund of the price they paid for the suspended sales operations in this process.

Users accept, declare, and undertake in advance that MyPhotoStation Limited. reserves all rights, including but not limited to terminating the membership and preventing the relevant User from accessing the Website, in case they violate the rules and obligations listed in hereby the Terms of Use and their annexes.

The Terms of Use and their annexes are automatically repealed once the activity on the Website is terminated. MyPhotoStation Limited. is authorized to change its business, commercial partnership, and website domain names, and to carry out the same activity through another domain name, and these changes shall not have any effect on the Terms of Use and its annexes. At the same time, MyPhotoStation Limited. reserves the right to change the services, products, and terms of use offered on the Website and the information presented on the Website, to reorganize the Website, and to stop publishing without any prior notice. Changes are activated upon publication on the site. These changes are deemed to have been accepted by the use of the site or by logging into the site.

MyPhotoStation Limited. shall not be responsible under any circumstances for the use of the Website and the content uploaded by the Users. MyPhotoStation Limited. reserves the right to demand compensation for any damages that may be incurred as a result of such actions.

MyPhotoStation Limited. is the owner or licensee of the general appearance and design of the Website and all information, pictures, “Myphotostation” brand and other brands, domain names, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, technical data on the Website that is electronically, graphically, or machine readable, computer software, applied sales systems, business methods, and all intellectual and industrial property rights related to them, and all specified content is legally protected. No content on the Website, including code and software, can be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed without prior permission and without reference. Neither the whole nor a part of the Website can be used on another website without permission.

Other Provisions

All components of the Website, including but not limited to the content accessed from the Website and the information of the Users, of the Website, the database and interface of the Website, the design, texts, codes, belong to MyPhotoStation Limited and/or are obtained from a third party by MyPhotoStation Limited. under a legally valid license. In this context, all rights arising from components that may belong to MyPhotoStation Limited.  and/or from the Website are reserved, unless expressly authorized by MyPhotoStation Limited.

All kinds of pictures, graphics, photographs, or similar content that are not uploaded to the Website by users belong to HMyPhotoStation Limited. or these contents are used by MyPhotoStation Limited. with the permission of their legal owners. Unauthorized use, copying, distribution, unauthorized sharing, resale or other use of such content not expressly stated on the Website; copyright infringement, infringement of industrial property rights and unfair competition, but not limited to these, shall result in a violation of the applicable legislation. In such a case, MyPhotoStation Limited. has the right to take all kinds of legal measures in order to eliminate the violation, infringement or other illegality and/or to establish their legal rights.

The term force majeure is an event that the party concerned can not prevent, except for reasonable control and despite due diligence. It is considered force majeure, including but not limited to situations such as all kinds of natural disasters, bad weather conditions; riots, wars, strikes, lockouts, and terrorist incidents; communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures and/or outages, power outages, and machine failures. MyPhotoStation Limited. is not legally responsible for late performance and/or non-performance of any of his obligations arising from the service provided on their Internet Website in case of force majeure. In these and similar cases, delay, non-performance or default shall not be deemed by MyPhotoStation Limited., and MyPhotoStation Limited.  shall not be liable to compensate the Users for any damages in terms of the specified situations.

In the application, interpretation of these Terms of Use and the referral and administration of legal relations arising under hereby the Terms of use, the law of the Republic of British will apply, and Enforcement Agencies are authorized to deal with any disputes.

These Terms Of Use become effective for all users at the time they are announced on the website by MyPhotoStation Limited. All texts, especially texts of Distance Sales Agreement, Return Policy and Privacy Policy published on the Website, are annexes and integral parts of these Terms of Use. MyPhotoStation Limited. may also update or otherwise modify hereby the Terms of use and its annexes at any time without notice.