Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to order from your site. How should I order?

As Myphotostation, we offer you online services and take care of all order operations through the site. You can select the features of the product you need, add it to the cart, make the payment and place the order. You must continue by choosing one of the 3 options to complete the order. 1) Uploading your own design. 2) Requesting design support. 3) Designing Online. Creating your order in Myphotostation is actually that easy.

How long does it take for the delivery of my orders?

There are 3 separate processes for products; the Printing Approval Process, the Production Process, and the Delivery Process.The Print Approval Process may vary depending on whether the design uploaded for the order is suitable for printing. The Production and Delivery processes vary from one product to the other, which are explained on each product page.

Do you provide design services?  
With Myphotostation, you can design the products yourself online or request designer support. Please remember to add the design support product to your cart along with the product you purchased for design support. Our graphics team will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you do any prepress checks?

Certainly, the designs you send are carefully checked by us for compliance with printing on issues such as resolution, placement, cut share and sent directly to printing if appropriate. In case there is something that we can fix, we make the required edits and submit them for your design approval via email. This period takes 1 working day in general and can be extended or shortened according to the convenience of your design for printing.

How do you send the invoice for the products I purchased?

We are obligated to issue an E-invoice. The invoices for purchases that you will make from our site are sent to your address both in the e-mail and with the product.

Can I return or change a product in case of a printing defect?

Myphotostation accepts a refund of the product, produces it again or refunds the order amount for any defects that may occur during the printing process, such as color difference and shift. Our company is not responsible for any defects or deficiencies that may occur in texts or design.

Can I receive my order from the Myphotostation Center?

Yes, you can also receive your orders from our center if you want.

My friend has a business card, I like it very much. Can you do the same if I send you a picture of it?

On, we can print your designs with ready-made designs you send us, besides making the designs you like in line with your requests. There may be additional charges in this regard. You can contact us for more detailed information.

I couldn’t see the quantity of the product I wanted to purchase on the site. What should I do?

We can not help you if the product you want is below the options on the site, as it is not possible to print under a certain number. In cases where the number of pieces you need is above the options on the site, the first thing you should do is to reach the desired number by adding 2 different pieces to your cart. However, if the number of printed products you need is much higher than the ones offered on our website, you can quickly solve your problem by contacting our customer support specialists.

Is there any tab on your site where I can see ready-made designs?

Do not turn your modem on and off; yes, our ready-made designs are available on our site. By choosing one of our ready-made designs and making your design online, you can place your order. We also have free ready-made templates that give you information about what sizes your designs should be, what you should prepare for. You can also see them on each product page.

I’d like to reorder the same product. What should I do?

You should add the product you want to the cart by selecting its features and quantity, and complete the order by making your payment. Then all you have to do is send us an e-mail at

There is a problem with the color of the product I was delivered. I say it is pink, but my friend claims it is green. The design was also blue. We really couldn’t figure it out.

Even homer nods. But we believe admitting a mistake and trying to make it up is a different merit. Mistakes can happen. We are in an industry that works with manpower and big machines. We ask you to convey the problem experienced in such cases to with images. It is important for us to understand where the problem is coming from and to be able to help you. Don’t worry, we are at your service to meet your printing needs and provide solutions to your problems.